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Ruby Hazel McKinney - Frank James Bouzek - Claude Frances Witt

Ruby was born in San Antonio, Texas in the early 1900s. She frequently lied about her age through the years. Ruby's age is 8 on the 1910 Census, 16 on the 1920 Census, 31 on the 1930 Census and 35 on the 1940 Census. Her Social Security application has her year of birth as 1904/1909. I presume her real birth year to be 1902 which aligns with the 1910 Census. Ruby's father, Thomas McKinney, died of stomach cancer when she was was 9 years old. Family legend is that her grandmother, Victoria Taylor, raised her until she died at which point Ruby lived in an orphanage. Ruby is listed as a student of the Harris County School for Girls on the 1920 Census in Galveston, Texas. She married her first husband, Claude Witt, on January 5, 1921 and her first daughter, Lorayne, was born seven months later in August. Ruby had a second daughter named Majorie before divorcing Witt and moving to Chicago. There she married Frank Bouzek and had two childen, Thomas and Judith.

Ruby Hazel McKinney - Age (89y 1m 28d)
27 May 1902 - 24 Jul 1991
Social Security Death Index  354-09-4598
  Santa Clara, California
Parents   Thomas McKinney & Frances L Ferry
1910 Census Records
1920 Census Records
1930 Census Records
1940 Census Records
1910 Census Records
1920 Census Records
1930 Census Records


ChildrenLorayne Elisebeth Witt  - 11 Aug 1921 - 04 Feb 1926  - Age (4y 5m 21d)
ChildrenMarjorie Faye Witt  - 20 Oct 1922 - 27 Sep 1993  - Age (70y 11m 7d)
ChildrenJudith A Bouzek  - 27 Jun 1941 -  
ChildrenThomas Bouzek  - 14 Apr 1939 - 09 Feb 1940  - Age (0y 9m 24d)

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